Coffee Brewing Methods

Before we begin the brewing process, it’s important to understand that the beans you choose play a vital part in how much caffeine you’re getting in your coffee. Coffee beans produce caffeine to repel insects, the lower the altitude the beans grow at the more insects there would be and therefore, the higher the caffeine content. The next factor to affect your brewing process is the grind size. If you brew coffee that is ground to course the coffee can be weak and flavorless. Whereas if the coffee is ground too fine it can become bitter, so small changes in grind size can dramatically affect the taste of a brewed coffee.

The final and most decisive factor is the brewing method. Brewing methods have an enormous impact on the caffeine content per cup. There are up to 20 unique methods of brewing coffee, below I’ve listed the top 10 most common methods of brewing coffee.

  1.    Coffee Grinders

  2.    Pour Over

  3.    An AeroPress

  4.    A French Press

  5.    Moka Pot

  6.    Drip Coffee Makers

  7.    Espresso Coffee Makers

  8.    Turkish Coffee

  9.    Combination Coffee Makers

  10.    Coffee Pod Machine

Coffee Grinders

A good coffee grinder is essential for making a good cup of coffee, Experts will tell you that a freshly milled coffee is much more Aromatic and flavorful than the pre-ground. There are manual and automated coffee grinders available.

Pour Over

Pour over or drip coffee has become very trendy of late taste that way convenience. Using pour over coffee gives greater control to manage and adjust the coffee making process. This tweaking allows for great variance in flavor and aroma during extraction.

An AeroPress

The AeroPress coffee maker is a completely new way to make our coffee. We mix the water and grounds for 10 seconds, followed by a gentle burst of air pressure that pushes the mix into a micro-filter for 20 seconds. This brewing process takes about 30 seconds, which results in a very smooth, rich, flavorful coffee. 

The basic idea of the AeroPress is the total immersion of the grounds in water. This  results in three actions.


  1.    Firstly, the total immersion of the grounds in water results in a rapid extraction of flavor.
  2.    Secondly, this allows for a moderate temperature which gives the coffee its smoothness.
  3.    Finally, a 20 second burst of air pressure extracts the bitterness also enhancing the flavor and aroma.

A French Press

What is a French press? French press utilizes pressure to force coffee into bottom of a pot after it’s brewed. This allows for concentrated dark full-bodied flavored coffee. If you are going to buy a French press, always buy stainless steel, as the glass French press has problems with the glass breaking on sudden temperature change, there are also issues with the coffee cooling too quickly.

Moka Pot

The Moka pot, it’s very popular because it’s easy to use reliable and inexpensive. A Moka pot utilizes the pressure of steam to brew a strong, concentrated, pastoral espresso coffee. It’s because of the Moka pots ability to brew this strong-tasting espresso that it’s sometimes referred to as the stove top espresso maker.

What is a drip coffee maker? The drip coffee brew is a method of brewing coffee like pouring boiling water over roasted ground beans enclosed in a filter. These days there are a wide variety of drip coffee machines available on the market, which can brew you the same flavorful drip coffee without spending all your time in the preparation.

Espresso Coffee Makers

What’s the difference between espresso and coffee? One major difference is in preparing an espresso, most methods of brewing coffee take time because of boiling water filtering through the ground coffee. Whereas an espresso can be ready in about 30 seconds. The espresso machine pasteurizes and then shoots a jet of boiling water through finely ground coffee beans. This results in a highly complex aromatic labored espresso which has the highest caffeine content of all coffees.

Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is created by boiling powdered coffee with water and a specified amount of sugar in a special part called Cezve. The Cezve is sometimes called the Ibrik In America. They use the same brewing method throughout Greece and the Middle East under different unique names. 

Combination Coffee Makers

These combination coffee makers are multifunctional coffee makers which can brew not just cups of coffee but also cappuccinos, lattes and even Espresso. The combination coffee machines are very useful for catering to an audience with mixed tastes.


Coffee pod machines

We load a coffee pod machine with a pod. This pod contains ground coffee inside a preferably compostable or recyclable container. You place this pod into the machine, the machine then automatically breaks through the foil and forces boiling water at high pressure through the coffee pod to your cup. Browse our selection of coffee pod machines here.

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