Delicious Coffee

Now brewing your favorite coffee is easy and Eco-Friendly with the my k cup reusable filter! Just fill your favorite coffee grounds into one of the two lines and in no time you’ll be sipping away on a hot coffee. I like the freedom the My K-Cup gives me to experiment with different quantities and flavors of coffee grounds that can be mixed and measured to create your own blend using the reusable K-Cup.

By using my K-Cup reusable filters, you are helping to save our environment. Last year, over 60 Billion single use coffee pods were used and disposed of. They make these single use pods from Aluminum foil and plastic and they contain residue organic material from the coffee grounds, making them almost impossible to recycle unless sent to a specialist recycling facility. Therefore, using these K Cups prevents huge personal waste output.

What is a reusable K-Cup?

The reusable K-Cup is a universal reusable coffee filter that you open the lid fill with coffee grounds and insert in your coffee pod machine reusing it each time you’re making a coffee, thus helping the environment and in addition to saving money on pods.

Is it Eco Friendly?

Yes, the My K-Cup is reusable, recyclable and above all, B.P.A free, making it a very Eco friendly product.

Perfect Pod EZ-Scoop

The perfect pod EZ-scoop is a 2-in-1 coffee scoop and funnel for single-serve refillable capsules, it’s a 2 tablespoons portioned coffee scooper in other words perfect portions. Therefore, you won’t need to guess how many spoonfuls of ground coffee you’ll need for your reusable k-cup, coffee pods, capsules, or filters. Just open and scoop your ground coffee. Flip the funnel to the closed position and pour directly into the reusable k-cup filter with the built-in funnel.

Compatible with:

Keurig brewers:      K-Mini Brewer, K-Mini Plus, K-Compact Brewer, K-Classic Brewer, K-Select Brewer, K-Elite Brewer, K-Latte Brewer, K-Café Brewer.

The Keurig Plus Series Brewers:      K200/250, K425/475, K525/575

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